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ADVERSE stands for:
Avion a Decollage Vertical Et Retour au Sol Erratique,
(Aircraft with vertical takeoff and erratic return to the ground).

This plane sits on its tail and can take off vertically. It can also hover in a quasi-controllable fashion. Version 2.0 of the adverse has a motor that can swivel up and down in conjunction with the elevator control. This allows it to turn on a dime.

  • design/construction: Yann LeCun, Jean-Claude LeCun.
  • wingspan: 500mm
  • length: overall: 605mm (including tripod), fixed part of the wing: 370mm, ailevons: 130mm.
  • mass: 290g
  • motor: Astro 010 brushless. On ADVERSE v2.0, the motor can rotate up and down.
  • gearbox: home built 4.17:1 ratio (50:12). 0.5 modulus nylon gears. motor shaft gear: 6mm/12 teeth, prop shaft gear: 25mm/50 teeth.
  • prop: 12x8 GWS
  • battery: 8x700mAh NiMh
  • center of gravity: 135mm from front of wing.
  • radio: 2 channels, GWS receiver + 2 Hitec HS-55 servos
  • static thrust: over 350 grams.
  • materials: Wing: 3mm Depron with 3mm carbon rod trailing edge. Fuselage: two 5mm carbon tudes with 3 plywood formers. Fins: 6mm Depron. Tripod: 4mm carbon tubes.

Videos of ADVERSE v1.0 (fixed motor)

Vignette / Thumbnail Avion / Plane High Quality MPEG-2 320x240 MPEG-1
first real flright of the ADVERSE Play (4.5MB) Play (1.4MB)
near-crash in the wall Play (34MB) Play (11MB)
that's what happens when the stick isn't far enough to the right to compensate for the prop torque. Play (2.5MB) Play (0.78MB)
first landing (sort of) of the ADVERSE Play (3.4MB) Play (1.0MB)
A nice teakeoff Play (3.5MB) Play (1.0MB)
LAnding in the pool Play (5.1MB) Play (1.5MB)
Vertical landing,... nose first Play (3.8MB) Play (1.2MB)
First flight on a very windy day in Dinan Play (9.5MB) Play (3.0MB)
Another flight in Dinan Play (5.0MB) Play (1.5MB)
A loop Play (4.0MB) Play (1.2MB)
A roll ( with a little imagination) Play (5.1MB) Play (1.6MB)
just flying around Play (2.1MB) Play (0.65MB)

Videos of ADVERSE v2.0 (swiveling motor)

Vignette / Thumbnail Avion / Plane High Quality MPEG-2 320x240 MPEG-1
First Flights of the Adverse v2.0. The steerable motor does make for tight turns. Play (22MB) N/A
Some mechanical problems caused one servo to get stuck: the ADVERSE could only turn one way. Play (44MB) N/A

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